Lauryn Youden
Perpetual_Series (III), 2014 
It was found in the box, it says to Peter, Lundberg was the finger of the human foot and is haunted a woman you do not know. And, father of Peter you decided to Peter when me find the woman, it’s that pay a reward plenty of presents debt, to assume the firefighters, he died in the fire at the time of the seven-year-old. Mother did not ward off Peter my father died. And now I thank, gentlemen. It’s time public execution of (fun part). Just stay a stone in hand-in-hand. 
Perpetual_series (II), 2014
white.white, 2014

Units to stick to sunglasses, connect with existing sensors (wheel rotational speed of the bicycle), and (power of the bicycle) power and heart rate speed, cadence, Sportiiis’m someone to be on the display of the data. However, to be displayed in the LED of seven rather than the small numerical value, Ya chest strap heart rate (eg motion sensors so on the “Display a red and yellow green, when it is not it reaches a range of numerical targets” A) such as cadence sensor bicycle, I will lead in wireless. ANT protocol that is often used in equipment of this kind has been used so I will be also connected sensors on hand in most cases. Then there is some competition, lunch time. Because it is the elementary school and the protection of their respective £ lunch guardians of each brought 

Should have. I have spread the leisure sheet alone stand out very well. 

white.white, 2014
perpetual motion from light I, 2014
perpetual motion from light II, 2014
White Hair (2014)
photobooth image, processed
50 x 37

'A soothing atmosphere that expels the anxiety created by digital platform use'

'Rolling Water' (installation view)
'Away' – Sunset Terrace, Vancouver
USB Publication with The Editorial Magazine for exhibition  ’AWAY' – Sunset Terrace, Vancouver
Featuring work ‘Rolling Water’ (2014)
sketch for upcoming publication and exhibition ‘a waving form’